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Illuminati Hunter the 007 of the 1700's

Jonathan Hamilton

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After my eager anticipation of the next instalment of the adventures of the young Bavarian gentleman known as Sebastian Dreschler I can certainly say I was far from disappointed. The action starts almost immediately throwing you back into the fray of thwarted sinister dealings and hilariously awkward circumstances painting a wonderful impression of the context, place and period the story is set in. The protagonist is supported again with an array of fascinating and amusing characters who help him along his way and of course most importantly, satisfying justice will be enacted upon some very bad people. Much like the first book this will make you laugh out load throughout the journey and will amaze you with the support articles detailing the relevant historical information. I can thoroughly recommend this book and certainly the series for the uninitiated. Thank the author for finding this old text and re-publishing it for us as its message holds great relevance to us all. Absolutely Brilliant! 10/10


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Following on from his brilliant first book in the series, Ethan continues to lose the reader in the dark world of Sebastien Drechsler and his master hunting down the Bavarian Illuminati. Although the book starts slightly slower than the first instalment, the reader is soon catapulted back again to fast adrenalin pumping action. Again I closed my eyes to picture events in technicolour; from the two teams of horses with coach and cart racing down the narrow mountain road, with the cart finally crashing in to the ravine below; to Drechsler recovering in a snowbound cottage with the old hag. Some beautiful imagery. I crave for a third instalment to complete the trilogy ! And then please somebody turn it in to a film !!!



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The moment I started reading Illuminati hunter I was pulled in by the historical feel of the story. I loved how the action was set up and described so well I could easily picture being there. I followed Sebastian and the Professor and all the other characters involved on their crazy journeys and amazing adventures! I am already looking forward to reading it again. Then I was very excited to hear of the second book Illuminati Hunter 2 which was just the same. Brilliant! I just loved how you feel apart of the story like you are going on the missions like a fly on the wall. I feel so much for Sebastian and his heroic actions that when I was feeling low I said to myself "what would Sebastian do"? Both books are the perfect balance of a love story, adventure and a political movement of our society! I would recommend the illuminati Hunter series to everyone! Creates such a visual representation to the story Ethan is portraying!!