Illuminati Hunter

Merchant Kolmer & The Obelisk Nempty

You will pray that the incredible secret hidden in this one hundred year old book is just a conspiracy theory.

Fight the good fight along side Sebastian Drechsler, flawed student of 1785's Ingolstadt University, as he battles his way through this amazing adventure. Under the tutelage of Professor Van Halestrom he learns the secrets of the ancient mystery school needed to defeat 'The Father of All Secret Societies', The Bavarian Illuminati before their evil plot to take over the world's financial institutions ensnares society in eternal debt slavery.

'With its exotic weaponry, nail-biting chases and wise-cracking hero fighting the international forces of evil with a beautiful accomplice by his side Illuminati Hunter II is the 007 of the 1700's' Ethan Harrison Republisher.

Ebook versions of this second book in the series come with 'Live' hypertext links giving the reader a groundbreaking experience browsing websites, videos, multi-media and even music while enjoying this most ripping of yarns.